Prodotti / Processori DSP

P Series
P Series la serie "entry level" dei processori Marani che offre un ottimo compromesso in termini di costo, prestazioni e affidabilit.
QRT Series
QRT Series il fiore all'occhiello dei processori Marani, offrendo potenza di elaborazione e controllo senza compromessi.
FIR Speaker Management System
The LPP series is an improvement on the base of the high end DPA A series, which maintains the same outstanding Sound Quality, and is more powerful in terms of DSP processes and adds an astonishing FIR filtering tool set.
FIR Flagship Speaker Management System
4 in 8 out flagship FIR system processor
It not only retains the excellent sound quality of the LPP-A series, but also improves the performance of DSP processing, adds a set of powerful FIR filter tools, and adds Dante™ input.
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